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Albert Einstein once said words to the effect that logic will get you from  A to B but your imagination can take you everywhere. So simple it’s brilliant. I guess that’s why he was Einstein and I’m not.

For those of us with a creative bent, imagination is our weapon. Without it we have nowhere to go. If it is interrupted in any way then the imagination is stifled and we lose our train of thought. It can become all but lost. True imagination and creativity must be captured and addressed instantly otherwise it becomes tainted. I realise that this is not always possible and often wonder at what marvelous creations have gone by the wayside due to distraction or procrastination.

Some artists and the likes use mind-altering substances to fuel their imagination. While this may result in wonderful creations, it is not imagination in its’ purest form. It is contrived.

Moving away from the creative side of the imagination, I will often see a bird or a butterfly out of my window. I wonder what it must be like to be them. I realise that their goings-on are done on autopilot but my I wonder what  they are thinking. How they view the world as they go about their business with few cares in the world. I imagine what they are thinking and how they view the world.

Moving even further away from the creative side of the imagination, it can have a dark side too. If one allows oneself to fall into the trap of negative thoughts, the imagination can blow an ordinary thought up into World War 2. ‘I have a bill to pay. What if I don’t pay it on time? Will Hitler arrive on the doorstep?’ ‘What if my car breaks down? Will it cost $1,000 to repair?’

Thoughts such as these are extremely distressing and of course irrational. What drives you to these imaginary thoughts?

If these thoughts persist and interfere with your daily life then I suggest seeking help.

Your imagination is a powerful tool and when harnessed and utilised will bring unbridled joy to your life and the life of others.