Quill And BookBeing a writer is not a lonely profession. You have your imagination. You have resources. You have research. Don’t be fooled by those  who think that you are lonely because just because you are or want to be an author.

As an author I’m quite content with my own company. Perhaps too content. I am never more settled  than when writing….perhaps to a fault. There are two types of writers. There are those types of writers who can switch on and switch off from their current project and then there are those who are switched on all the time. I am the latter.

When I’m engrossed in a project I don’t like distractions. If thhe phone rings I jump through the roof. If someone visits I’m a thousand miles away from our conversation. I’m still thinking about my latest work. By the time they leave I can’t recall what we’ve spoken about.

I’m the same when it comes to visiting people. I visit rarely. I have few friends  but the friends that I do have are very close, trustworthy and  our conversations are free-flowing. When I do get around to visiting it is generally late in the morning or early in the afternoon after I have been writing from early in the morning.

The writer has total control over their story. They can twist a story on its’ head in the space of a paragraph or less. The author can be killing somebody on one page and rescuing another on the next page.

If an author wants to write about a bed of roses they can. If they want to write aboutt Nazi sex-death Satan hunters, then they can go right ahead. There is an author for every occasion and there is a book for every reader out there.

I mainly write short mystery stories.

If you want you can find and follow my work on Amazon.

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