He was 40 years old and was diagnosed with Bipolar Affective Disorder and Generalised Anxiety Disorder 5 years ago.

Due to the nature of the conditions it required regular medication reviews. His Bipolar Affective Disorder had  been stable for 2 years but he was struggling terribly with anxiety for some time. Valium worked well but he became immune to it after about a month so saw no point in continuing with it.

His Psychiatrist was proactive but cautious. She would only prescribe one medication at a time. In this instance, the medications she was prescribing took 6-8 weeks to have their full effect. This is a long time when you’re beside yourself with anxiety, especially when the medication lets you down.

He had tried every natural and alternative treatment out there. None of these came even close to working.

Then his Psychiatrist discovered a medication called Mirtazapine. It was technically an anti-depressant but was touted as having anxiolytic properties.

He commenced the medication and suffered no side effects. After 4 weeks he felt his anxiety levels dropping slightly. He was over the moon about this. Then 3 days later it hit him. A blinding headache that didn’t even respond to Codeine or an anti-migraine medication. It lasted five hours.

These headaches became a daily occurrence. 3pm. You could set your watch by it. He was confined to bed from 3pm until just after 8pm. It was exhausting him during the day too.

Then, after 10 days, they stopped as soon as they started. He remained very cautious for the first few days.

At his next meeting with his Psychiatrist, she was a loss to explain the headaches. She agreed that it seemed more than a coincidence that the commenced when they did but said that she had never heard of it before.

He remains headache-free. He remains cautious.