3 days prior John was at his brother Bobs house when he interrupted Bob & yelled “BE QUIET!” He was trying to do something with his cellphone. Bob asked him not to yell. John got up and stormed out, yelling “F*** THIS!”

On his next arrival Bob allowed John in. John, without saying hello, put on the kettle and proceeded to make a coffee. As the kettle boiled John grabbed the ashtray and asked Bob if he could have a cigarette. Bob said blankly “No,” as he typed on his computer.

John took a seat & tried to make conversation with Bob who gave short one word answers. “Still mad about the other day?” John eventually said. “Yup,” replied Bob calmly.

John tried to make all sorts of excuses about how he had to sort his phone & how much pressure he was under from here there & everywhere. “I don’t care,” replied Bob. “In fact you’re not welcome here.” John was aghast. After a few seconds he put his cup down and sheepishly left.

Once he had gone, Bob lit a cigarette to relieve the nerves that he had been battling for 3 days.