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Bob Findlay was a retired State Registered Nurse of 22 years. For one off those years he worked nigh-shift at an Aged Care facility in a different city. He was in charge of one carer. Donna Lindridge.

Bob & Donna hit it off straight away. When Bob was offered a higher position in his own city he & Donna maintained contact via email. They emailed each other day i, day out for 8 years.

One day, out of nowhere, Donnas husband, Geoff, suggested they invite Bob to a barbeque the following Saturday. “I want to meet this Bob fellah. He must be alright if you’ve kept in touch all of these years.” Bob accepted the invitation. He & Donna were really excited at the prospect of catching up after so long.

Bob arrived to the distant sound of 2 elderly ladies arguing. He could only make out bits & pieces but he was able to establish that one lady was running Donna down while the other was defending her. ‘Here we go,’ thought Bob as he approached the raised timber veranda. Donna rushed up & cuddled him before introducing him to Geofff & their 2 children, Monique & Mason. Donna whispered to Bob, “Don’t worry about those 2. They’re always at it.

After talking to the family for a while, Bob took a seat at the but the arguing got too much for him. As he stood up from his chair he said, “I’m going in.” Geoff & Donna wished him luck. On his way to determine which lady was which.

He approached the ladies & politely introduced himself. They politely did likewise. He asked Geoffs Mum if he could have a word. They to a separate two-seater table. Bob then said to Geoffs Mum that he had been invited for a comfortable & relaxing barbeque. “I feel relaxed enough,” said Bob, “….but I certainly don’t feel comfortable. Would you mind sorting your problem out later & joining us at the table? If not for me, for the children.” She agreed.

Bob then went back & had a similar conversation but added, “For what it’s worth, I was a State Registered Nurse for 22 years & Donna is by far the best carer that I have worked with….& I don’t say that lightly.”

Donnas Mum moved over to the table & the arguing stopped.

Bob went over to the barbeque & lit a cigarette. Geoff followed him and as they leaned on the side of the veranda Bob explained, “I had to be a mediator many times. Hard core. No second strikes. One strike & you’re gone. I’ve lost count of how many people I’ve sacked.

Geoff asked what the secret is. “It’s easy. The person who’s lying starts painting themselves into a corner. Then they paint themselves so far in that they can’t get out of their lies.” Geoff asked who was lying. His Mum or Donnas Mum? Bob was very straightforward and said, “Your Mum was painting herself up to her neck.

Geoff replied, “As usual.”