Robin Harris was 42 years old, divorced with 2 children and had just started as nigh-shift at an aged care facility as Charge Nurse. He worked with one carer who just happened to be his constant partner. Her name was Donna Linton who was 40 years old, married and also had 2 children. Robins jaw dropped when he saw her. She was beautiful. Little did Robin know that Donna thought the same of him.

The pair immediately hit it off in every way. Humour, trust, nursing care & confidentiality. By the end of their 3rd night they had shared  secrets that they had shared with nobody else. A romantic undertone was also so present that it was palpable. They even spoke of it.

After several weeks the pair were in the linen room collecting towels when they inadvertently turned to be face to face with each other. They were inches apart. They  dropped the  towels & a fling ensued.

Nearing the end of the shift Donna casually asked Robin if he’s like a coffee after work. “I live 5 minutes away  & my husband left for work an hour ago. Robin accepted. These ‘meetings’ were soon an affair, 3-4 days a week.

Robin rang his parents 2-3 times a week & his Mum  became suspicious as he was always talking about Donna.  Donnas husband became suspicious for the same   reason….but nothing could be proved.

After about 8 months, Robin began taking  excessive leave to the point he was pushing the envelope. He told Donna he was jaded by Nursing, which was partly true. The  real truth was that he was an alcoholic.

One morning he took Donna  by the hand, hugged her and whispered in her ear, “Keep being you.” Donna knew what this meant & began to cry, urging Robin to stay.. Robin began to cry & said, “I can’t do it any more.” Robin went home and commenced a drinking binge. He was able to get sober to ring his parents. Outside of that he was drunk. It took the facility 2 weeks on non-attendance to ring & fire Robin.

Through all of this the only  support that Robin got was from Donna. She would text, call & email him at least daily, She never judged or chastised. She always  encouraged & supported Robin.  As Robin lived in a different city, a visit  look  too suspicious.

It would take Robin 2 years to get  sober during which time he reverted to his original Scottish accent that he ditched when he emigrated at the age of 12.

Donna & Robin continued to email each other. Donna would email late at night while Robin would  answer in the morning. They would email each other throughout thee day with one theme…..

The pair wanted to meet again in person. After 9 years that opportunity arose when Donna was transferred to a hospital just 3 minutes from Robins house. They would organise the  meeting to after Donna had finished a morning shift.

When the day arrived the pair were nervous wrecks. Nobody was home. Donna really shouldn’t have been at work. Robin had butterflies & the shakes as he spent all  day making sure everything was as it should be. He was smoking like  a train.

Donna had GPS in her car so was there  just after 3.30pm as planned. Bob opened the door  & the pair froze. In each others eyes they looked just  the same. Robin instantly relaxed, gave Donna a peck on the cheek & said, “Come in  Missus,” in his Scottish accent. “I could listen to that accent all day,” said Donna. Robin replied, “We’ll ye ken where I am noo.” The pair laughed.

Robin made them a coffee & asked if it was alright to smoke. “It’s  your house,” said Donna who Robin noticed was blushing. “What are you blushing for,” said  Robin. “It’s only me.” Donna exclaimed, “I know! It’s YOU! That’s the problem!” as she fanned her face with her hands. “I knew this would happen,”  she said before proclaiming, “That’s it! Where’s the bedroom?” Robin pointed. On her way to the bedroom Donna turned to Robin & signaled him through. Thus ensued another fling….after 9 years.

After  their dalliance in the  bedroom  they sat in the living room chatting but mainly  laughing the way they did when they used to when they were working together. These dalliances & chats occurred every time Donna worked a morning shift & continue to this day.

Old habits die hard.