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Bill was the new night-shift Sister at an Aged Care facility. His  carer was Dianne. She was 3 years younger than Bill, who thought she was beautiful. Little did he know she thought the same of him. They hit it off straight away & formed a strong bond….so strong that they had a fling. The fling developed into an affair after work at Diannes house.

One morning Diannes husband Gary was off work with a cold. He heard the laughing downstairs, put on his dressing gown and made straight for Bill. He took a swing at Bill who rocked back and missed the punch, allowing him to punch Gary, sending him to the floor with a broken nose.

Gary unwisely tried to get up. Bill kicked him hard in the ribs. Gary didn’t realise that Bill was Scottish & Scotsmen don’t have rules when they fight. They keep going until the opponent can’t move. Without this knowledge Gary kept trying to get up. Bill kept kicking him hard in the ribs. The sound of breaking ribs made Dianne wince. When he couldn’t move, Bill told Dianne to call an ambulance and left.

Bill was living with his parents. 2 days later a heartbroken & sore Gary rang his house. Bill was asleep but Gary had a heartbroken chat with Bills Mum. Bill lied (as did Dianne) but they both remained skeptical.

The affair continued for 2 months when Bill was offered a better position in a different city. Although heartbroken they emailed each other at least daily.

Then, over a period of 3 months, Bill noticed Diannes emails were inconsistent. One day he emailed, “Out with it.” Dianne spilled the beans. She had been feeling down sing new neighbours moved in. When Dianne went for a walk one day she noticed used syringes on the footpath and was instantly met with a loud barrage of verbal abuse. Then cars were coming & going at all hours & loud music blared across the field all night. She asked Bill what she could do. “I’ve tried the police,” she said,”….but they’re hopeless.

Bill said, “Leave it with me.” He had acquaintances with a bikie club. He made a call from a phone box, giving the new neighbours name & explaining the situation. “Call me at 6am,” he was told. He rang at 6am & was told, “They’re into ice and heroin….but not from us. Want us to visit them?” Bill said, “Yes please.”

That night, 6 bikies went to the house and broke the door in. They restrained the 2 occupants and injected them with cocaine & heroin. A ‘speedball.’ Once they were unconscious they were untied and flopped on separate chairs. A sizeable amount of ice was placed under a couch cushion. One of the bikies rang for an ambulance and hysterically said, “I think she’s overdosed. Here’s the address.” He gave the address & left, passing the ambulance on the way.

As narcotics were found in their system the drug squad were called. They found the ice that was planted by the bikies. Their behaviour was subdued when they arrived home as their court appearance was only 2 months off. Both were charged with using heroin & cocaine and possessing a trafficable amount of ice. They were both sentenced to 12 months in prison.

At 10pm on the night of their court appearance Gary & Dianne noticed a glow from the addicts house. They looked out the window and saw the house fully engulfed in flames as motorbikes left the scene. Gary looked at Dianne and said, “Bill wouldn’t have anything to do with this, would he?” Dianne cheekily replied, “Scotsmen tend to do the job when they do the job.”

Bill & Dianne continue to email each other to this day.