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I had such a vivid dream last night that I had to write about it. I had to share it. I can remember every detail….& I know what spurned it. I am currently reading the Eric Clapton biography. I also have a large book of his on my table. It’s been there for weeks.

Back to this dream. I dreamed that I got claustrophobic and had to  get out of the house. I went to the nearby park & was watching the ducks, thinking of what a peaceful life they led. I felt a person come close to me & lean on the fence. “What a life,” they said.. I knew the voice straight away. Before I turned around I knew it was Eric Clapton. My initial reaction was that he was shorter than I.

“Eric Clapton!” I exclaimed, trying not to draw attention to us. I held my hand out & said, “I’m Bob Findlay. A big fan, Mr. Clapton.” Clapton said, “Call me Eric.” We shook hands. He was wearing a leather jacket, jeans, sneakers & a black t-shirt. He asked me what I was doing at the park. I told him about the ducks and claustrophobia. “That’s a great idea Bob. What made you think of it?” I didn’t have an answer.

“What brings you here Eric?” I asked. He said he had property in the area and was killing time until he flew out. I chanced my arm. “Eric. Would you come to my place for a coffee? I only live 5 minutes away.” Clapton said, “Sure.” We walked back to the car park & Eric followed me in his rental car.

When we arrived at my place I offered him a seat and made us a coffee. I knew he didn’t smoke so I asked if he minded if I smoked. “It’s your house, Bob. Smoke away. I’m around the stuff all the time anyway…..& not just cigarettes smoke as he laughed.

For an hour we talked about music but not about him. I noticed that he was very direct and really looked you in the eye when he spoke & when you spoke. I would ask him about this musician and that musician and got quite a few surprises. Eventually I had too ask him the inevitable….but first I had to grab my neighbour (who didn’t know who he was. I asked Eric to check out my guitar, a Fender Stratocaster Plus. “Sure,” he said. He was very impressed with it. “That’s one nice guitar you’ve got there, Bob.” He then asked why I bought a Strat. I replied, “You.” Clapton replied, “Well it’s lucky I play the most versatile guitar ever made.” I said, “I soon found that out.”

I got my neighbour to take a photo of Eric playing my guitar with me sitting next to him then vice versa. I then, got a photo of just Eric & I standing together with our arms around each other smiling.

Eric then looked at his watch and said, “I’d better go Bob and catch that plane.” We shook hands and with that he was gone. When I turned around my neighbour was gone too but I noticed on my shelf, the 3 photos that were taken were sitting upright in pewter frames.

I awoke & sat bolt upright. So convincing was the dream that I had to get up, put the lights on and check where my guitar was. It was in its usual place.

It hadn’t moved. Especially by Eric Clapton.