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CAUTION: This entry contains occasional drug use.


Dan went to a party with his wife Beth. Beth wanted to have a few drinks so Dan said he’d drive. Beth wasn’t much of a drinker. Dan worked for himself as a lawyer. Beth was his secretary.

Shortly after arriving at the party Dan was  approached by a tall man who was obviously stoned. Dan noticed something different about him. He was a ‘different’ stoned. His eyes weren’t red. They were glassy. He also spoke slowly & quietly. The man introduced himself as Derek. He produced a small joint and handed it to Dan. Dan wasn’t much of a smoker but after a few puffs he felt a different high than he remembered.

By the end of the joint, Dan  was experiencing a high like he had never experienced. He figured that it wasn’t strong cannabis or had been dipped or sprayed with anything or he’d be passed out. He was too clear and the high was phenomenal. Dan figured that the joint was probably laced wit powdered Valium or Serepax. He looked around for Derek but he had already left.

Dan and Beth  left the party a few hours  later. Beth was drunk but Dan was still high and clear. The following day Beth woke up hungover. Dan felt fine and remembered the high that he experienced the night before.

A few days later Dan and Beth had one of their friends visit. They told him about the party. Beth couldn’t remember much as she was drunk but Dan raved about the high he experienced. Their friend looked suspiciously at Dan and asked who gave him the joint. Dan said, “Derek.” His friend said, “You were smoking heroin. He’s a dealer and an IV drug user.  Cocaine &  heroin. He shoots them up both at once. It’s called a speedball. The coke lifts you up & the smack brings you down. He deals to keep his habit up.”

Dan blew a fuse Beths hangover vanished instantly. She had never seen Dan angry before, nor had their friend. Dan picked up the asked car keys and headed for the door. “Where are you going?” asked Beth. “To find a phone box,” Dan replied. Beth said to their visitor, “Things are going to go bad for this Derek character.”

Dan had a college friend who was now a member of a bikie club. His name was Steve. Steve told him that if he had any trouble to call him. Dan still had his number memorised and he was to call him from a phone box to avoid being traced. Dan found a phone box and rang Steve. He simply said, “It’s Dan. I need an address. A hard  drug dealer & junkie called Derek.” Steve said, “That scum. He gets kids addicted. His address is 459 Dodgin Street. Need any help?” Dan replied. No thanks. I’ll be fine. Thanks again Steve.”

That afternoon Dan went to the address and knocked for 15 minutes. Finally he shouted,”Police! Open up!” Within a minute Derek opened the door. He was obviously stoned.” Hey. How’sit……” At that Dan punched Derek in the face, breaking his nose and laying him flat. Dan turned and drove home.

Once home he told Bet what had happened. There was a knock on the . It was the police. Derek had charged him with assault. Dan knew the officers and laughed. “This should be fun,” he said to them. The officers laughed. One of them said, “Yeah. It’s a bit of a joke.” The court date was 6 weeks away.

When proceedings began, Dan looked straight at Derek who looked stoned but was wearing a tattered . Dan hastened proceedings by pleading  guilty before a question was asked. “I punched that gentleman in the face your Honour.” Then the Prosecution would ask a question that they didn’t know would make all Hell break loose.”Why did you punch my client in the face?” Dan calmly replied, “He offered me a cigarette laced with  heroin.” The courtroom gasped.

Daniel was slowly becoming the Prosecutor. He said, “If it pleases your Honour, under section 3, subsection 45 of the Stat Drug Act I hereby request that the complainant be drug tested immediately & his premises be searched for drugs forthwith.”  Without raising her head the judge said, “Granted. Clerk, see that these points of law are applied forthwith.” She concluded by saying, “We will reconvene at 2pm.” Derek was led from the court in handcuffs looking petrified.

When the court reconvened the judge was wielding a  fresh manilla folders. She immediately addressed the court. “As requested & under relevant  legislation, the the complainant is found guilty of the possession of a trafficable amount of narcotics and also of being under the influence of the aforementioned narcotics, namely heroin and cocaine. The judge lifted her head, looked at Derek and said, “I hereby sentence you to 5 years imprisonment.”  Dan didn’t even lift his head as the shaken Derek was led from  the court. He whispered to the court clerk, “He’ll do it again when he’s out.” The judge overheard it and went, “Hhmmm,”

5 years later Derek was released. Dan rang Steve and asked him to keep an ear out. 6 months later Dan received a call from Steve from a phone box. “He’s back at it. Want me and the boys to have a word?” an said, “Yes thanks. He’s going to kill young people….if he hasn’t in the past.” Steve said, “He has. We’ll have a word, if you know what I mean.”  One night  Steve and 5 other bikies broke into Dereks house and bashed him to within an inch of his life. He spent 6 weeks in hospital where he underwent severe withdrawals.

After Derek left hospital he was clean but wanted to use again. He would borrow drugs from another dealer to feed his habit, ‘cut’ the rest and pay the dealer back. He was never the same since the beating. Dereks nerves were shot and his drug use was spiraling out of control.

Between the fear of a police, keeping up with drug dealers, the beating and maintaining his astronomical drug habit things got too much for Derek. One morning at 2am he opened his front door, went back inside and had a massive speedball and hanged himself. He was found by someone who had arrived to score at mid-day.

No more young lives would be threatened.