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I went to bed last night with the aim of writing another blog today. I woke up just after 1am with the same thought. Bing! What could I write about? I  spent the next 5 hours, wide awake, thinking of ideas. I couldn’t think of a solitary idea but I did think of the notion of writing a blog comprising of snippets of things that had happened to me, had witnessed, had heard and so forth. Therefore, dear reader, as the title dictates this entry will comprise of snippets of life. In my case it is in Burnie, Tasmania.

I was walking down the street the other week. It was practically empty. I noticed a kid in his late teens walking towards me. I thought, ‘Here we go.’ Instead of any trouble he said, “Excuse me. Could you tell me where the bank had moved to?” I gave him directions. He was ever so thankful and polite. What a pleasant change from a youngster. It got me thinking, ‘That’s how easy it is to be civil.’ I’m a pacifist. Violence is hard work.

I can’t work out people who get aggressive when they drink or take illicit drugs. They know what’s going to happen. They must enjoy it or get some kind of kick out of it. In my opinion the laws should be tightened on offences involving not only violence but  illicit drugs, racism, sexism and homophobia.

Gormless people bring me down. I consider myself an upbeat person but talking to a gormless person brings me down. I feel myself sinking, as if I’m melting into Mercury. There’s no point trying to pep them up. Goodness knows I’ve tried. They must have been born like it. You don’t just wake up one day gormless. At least they’re easy to get away from and often they shuffle past you in thee street with a glum “Hello.”

I find over-enthusiastic people annoying. They seem fake and they tend to ramble on ad nauseam about things I don’t care about. Thank goodness I wear my Ray Bans a lot. They.can’t see my eyes glaze over. I just hope that they don’t ask me a question….because I’m not listening. I simply say “Pardon,” if they do ask me a question. They’re also very hard to get away from. I’ve been known to cross the street if I see them before they see me but they  have a knack for seeing you first….and talking you into a corner.

Small shop owners are different. If they’re busy then you just get in and out. If they’re not busy, from my experiences, they’re always up for a quick chat. I go to my corner store early so it’s usually quiet. One girl in particular, she’s a few years younger than me, talks music a lot with me. Even though it’s different genres, it’s music. We talk about other things too. She’s very objective and straight to the point. I try to time when I get my cigarettes for the days when she’s working.

Neighbours an important part of our lives. Most of us have them. They can have a profound effect on our lives, good and bad. Man, have I  heard some bad ones. Most pertain to noise. Some are worse. 2 years ago a placid guy I know  was set upon by his neighbours. They were  hard core drug addicts. My friend  was watching TV. The neighbours were high on goodness knows what but sneaked into his living room and took to him with a crowbar and pipe, breaking his arm in 2 places and badly bruising his face and head. The case went to court and the addicts were let off. Go figure(!).

I’m lucky. In the apartment there’s a 23 year old (I’m currently 49) and to my right is a guy and his wife who look to be in their early 50s. The young guy and I only see each other when we’re both leaving our apartments at the same time but we always stop and have a chat. The guy in  his 50s is a smoker like me so we encounter each other on the veranda more often. Being that bit older and with more life experience our conversations are longer and deeper. We solve the worlds problems in a humorous way. None of us are unruly or loud. I consider myself very fortunate in this department but sadly my older neighbour is moving soon due to work. I guess then It’ll be a nervous wait to see who moves in next..

I don’t know about the rest of the world but in Australia (maybe it’s just Tasmania), the news coverage could do with a good hard looking at. You watch the morning news and find out what happened yesterday. At each newsbreak throughout the day it’s the same thing, right through to the end off the day. The following day it’s the same thing. From dusk until night-time it’s yesterdays news. Shouldn’t they be updating the news as it breaks on the day? Is it  that difficult?