Harry Thompson had low level bipolar disorder. He was divorced and worked as night-shift worker with  one other person at a small warehouse. One night he arrived he had a new partner. Her name was Di Harrison. Their eyes instantly locked. Harry couldn’t stop staring  at her. She was gorgeous in a classy way. Di was also married.

They did a ’round’ every hour. In between times they’d go to the office and mess about on the computers. Harry and Di began chatting and within weeks they were telling each other things that the had told nobody else, not even Harry’s ex wife or Dis’husband.

One night as they were their final round, just 10 minutes before morning staff came on, they turned in opposite directions and were nose to nose. Without saying a word they embraced and kissed passionately for quite some time. They left work without saying a word to each other.

None of them slept well that day. The next night after the workers had gone Harry said, “That was an interesting interlude this morning.” Di replied, “I’ve been thinking about it for ages Harry.” Harry sheepishly said, “So  have I.” Thus began a workplace romance, which only served to strengthen their bond.

Harry told his Psychiatrist who was stunned. “You obviously don’t know me as well as you thought.” The Psychiatrist replied, “Obviously not. I can’t tell you how to run your life but  how does it make you feel?” Harry replied, “Fantastic but I know it’s going no further.” His Psychiatrist was pleased to hear this.

One night in the office, Di said to Harry, “My husband’s going away to a conference this weekend. You should come visit.” She was constantly raising her eyebrows as she spoke. Harry knew what she meant. He leaned towards her and said, “It can’t happen Di.” Di asked, “Why not?” Harry replied, “Logic. We’d eventually get caught, it would ruin the best friendship that I’ve had and everybody would lose.” Di stared pensively for some time then eventually said, “You’re right. Things are lovely as they are….bu it’d be fun though.” Harry said, “Oh, I know it would be fun. I’ve thought about it many a time.” Di said, “Me too.” Neither of them were embarrassed, so close was their bond.

One night Harry  had a different partner. Apparently Di was off on stress leave. She was also working a second job. Harry put it down to that but was still worried. After sending 6 emails he decided to let her reply in her own time. This proved wise. 2 days later she explained that she was basically run down. He told her that in future he was to tell him if she was feeling run down and he would organise recreation leave before getting into such a state. She emailed back almost immediately and said that he was right and that she would.

Their romance continued for 23 years when they retired at the age of 60.  They both cried throughout their final shift. They emailed each other at least once daily. The jokes and innuendos didn’t let up.

2 years later Harry got a phone call from Di. She was crying. Her husband, Tom had suffered an unexpected and fatal heart attack. Harry consoled her. It took 4 hours. For several months the emails were sombre until he received one that threw him a curve. Di was straight to the point. She said she was lonely and would it be feasible for her to move in with him. Harry went through the roof. “Of course you can!” He exclaimed.

Harry and Di saw their days out in the same manner that they started.With humour and innuendo, without fear of being caught having an affair. They were now a couple.

The cards eventually fell the way that they should.