Bob Fielding was divorced with 2 young children. He began as a night-shift Registered Nurse in April. The first carer that he worked with was Di Langdon. Di was married with 2 older children. Initially Bob couldn’t take his eyes off her. She was stunning. Little did he know at the time was that she was the same.

As their first shift progressed their humour emerged. It was identical. Having said this they remained professional…..but only when they had to be.

By the end of their first month together they knew everything about each other. Bob used to mark the nights that he worked with Di to give himself something to look forward to as he tended to drink too much. Di was very supportive in this area too.

After only a few shifts they both detected a romantic undertone between them. The following week they broached the subject and spoke openly about it. It was then that Di said her marriage was on the rocks. Bob was as supportive as he could be.

Two months later Di told Bob that at thee end of the year, their children were moving out and that was when she was getting a divorce and she was going to move to the same town as Bob and work at the hospital there.  Bob asked her why she was moving town. He almost fell off his chair when she came right out and said, “I want to be close to you.”

The next few months flew by but Bobs drinking was becoming problematic to the point where he wasn’t turning up to shifts. He was also missing his children but would spend these ‘missing days’ drinking. In October, he resigned as he knew he was heading towards being sacked. He went on a drinking binge. The only person to maintain contact was Di. This meant the world to Bob.

Di rang Bob one day and told him that the divorce papers were filed and she was moving house that week. Bob had to sober up. It was difficult and he suffered a seizure but he sobered up within a week.

Di found a house 5 minutes away from Bobs and where she planned to work within a fortnight. For the first month Di visited Bob daily. All day. They had a ball and a romance soon ensued.

Di found work at the hospital 5 weeks later so they didn’t see each other as much. Di would always visit before an afternoon shift and after a morning shift. Bob eventually bought a double bed….after much hinting….and Di would stay there during her days off. Bob and Di missed each other very much when they weren’t together. It distracted Bob from his writing and distract Di from her work. None of them adjusted to this. They would both clock-watch for when Dis’ shifts started and ended.

They didn’t go out often. They were too engrossed in each others company.

Di and Bob maintained this lifestyle until Di retired Di had her pension and Bob was still collecting royalties from his books.. The pair then then traveled the country for 5 years before returning home and, just as always, living a life being overwhelmed by each other.