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As the only  19 year-old male student nurse amidst a group of female students, one tends to get singled out when we’d go out for the night. It was ALWAYS by males and they were ALWAYS drunk. This story happened many times.

They would start half-drunk and try to friend me up. They’d sit at our table and proceed to get plastered. By this time they were giving me the evil eye and making smart remarks. The girls weren’t impressed so we’d leave. The drunk would then physically target  me. As they were drunk they would take a round-arm swing. I would move my head back, giving me a clean aim….which I took. Inevitably they would fall over and we’d move on. Occasionally they’d try to get up so I’d kick them in the ribs until they couldn’t.

What an effort on my part. Had the man in question came to our table and behaved, things would  have been much easier.

Peace is easy. Especially when you read the scenarios above. They’re the only personal encounters with violence that I’ve had so can’t speak with any great authority on violence….but I know enough to write about it.

Violence is hard work. Kicking someone. Punching someone. They take effort. What effort does a handshake or a smile take? None. They make you feel  better too. Generally speaking, violence makes you feel worse….unless you’re dealing with a criminal.

Don’t get me wrong. There is a place for violence. Paedophiles. Crimes against the elderly. Crimes against women. Crimes against children. I’m talking interfering with or murdering.

There are guys out there who hurt people who need hurting. These guys don’t charge money. Karma is why these guys do it. They get compensated by knowing that they’ve seriously injured a  criminal and  that the police will also be notified anonymously. This is not hard work for these guys. It’s a part-time cashless business and you never know who they are

Maybe I do.