Melody Fenton was 16. She had a part-time job at a local factory outside of school. Her parents were divorced and lived at opposite sides  of  the city. The factory was right in the middle. Melody lived with her Mum. Her Mum was a Registered Nurse and her Dad was a writer.

As she didn’t have a drivers license she relied on her parents for transport. Her parents balanced transport duties pretty well. Obviously her Mum couldn’t transport her if she was at work so her Dad stepped in. Her Dad took medication so couldn’t drive after 9pm. If her Mum was working late, either of her parents would give her money to catch a taxi.

During the week, Melodys’ shifts were either 4pm until either 8pm or 11pm. She preferred to work weekends as other kids didn’t want to. She would generally work long shifts, up to 8 hours which obviously meant more money. The pay rates were poor and workers were paid no penalties except for public holidays.

Melody commenced her lengthy Cert.2 in retail shortly after beginning at the factory. She told her parents that she wasn’t going to do her Cert.3. When asked why she said, “I don’t want to be stuck in that factory forever.”

She commences college next year. Maybe she has something planned. She hasn’t said. She never does until the last minute. If she has something planned, what is it?

Only time will tell us that.