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Greetings dear reader and thank you for dropping by.

Were God to walk into my living room, the first thing that I would do would be to get him to stop blocking my view of the television. I image he would apologise and say, “I  have stopped all wars, suicide bombers, hideous terminal diseases and famine.” I would ask him to prove it. Being God, he would have control over the TV and would show me footage of his claims. Even at this, I would be reticent.

Let’s be honest, folks. This isn’t going to happen.

I rarely discuss religion but when I do I go for the throat. Having read the Bible 3 times, my religious conversations generally end up with the other person resorting to that old chestnut, “Ah, but God works in mysterious ways.” They’re now on the ropes as they busily search through their little Bible looking for a poignant quote, not knowing my knowledge of the Bible.

Why are foreign countries interfering in the wars of other countries if they are no threat to us? Easy. Money. John Lennon said in the 1960s that “war  is big business.” His words still ring true today. Several years ago, America was selling arms to Pakistan so that the Pakistan army could fight AMERICA! Go figure.

Then there’s disease. To quote Stephen Fry, “What sort of God would put a tumour into the brain of a 4 year old child?” One can’t disagree with that.

Why is there cancer? We all know that tobacco is a major cause yet  it is still legal. Couldn’t God step in? Were he to make it illegal tomorrow I  would stop but the tobacco industry and health industry would stand to lose trillions of dollars.

Famine could be thwarted if ALL of the money raised went to where it is meant to go. Not 90% in administration fees.As for suicide bombers, I think Keith Richards might be onto something. Hold a suicide bombers convention in a huge baseball park and let them all blow each other to pieces.

So if you are able to force me into a religious conversation, for your own mental safety’t for goodness sake  don’t say, “God works in mysterious ways.” I’ll rip your lungs out, Jim.” (Figuratively speaking of course).

Thank you so much for taking the time to read my wee blog entry. 🙂