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One of the major things that I like about WordPress is that you can talk about whatever you want. The diversity is immense.

My entries tend to be predominantly about behavioural psychology or humour…..usually at my own expense. I don’t take myself too seriously

Subjects I don’t discuss are politics, religion and war. Politics and religion don’t affect my life and I know so little about them, were I to address them it would be hilarious….again, at my own expense. I don’t talk about war. A friend of mine, Michael Blacklow  nailed war when he called it legalised murder. Thesee poor soldiers who have become so numbed to death by what they’ve seen, their own death seems less important….as they suffer in silence until it’s too late.

I also  don’t address any other form of violence or terrorism.  I can blankly watch stories about the matters fly by on the TV until the cows come home….that’s if the cows haven’t  been slaughtered or blown up by the aforementioned parties.

As mentioned, I enjoy the diversity offered by WordPress. I like reading works of different genres. I like to get a different angle. I like to learn. Comments are overwhelmingly friendly and constructive. They serve to give me a different angle on my own work.

My only criticism of WordPress is the constant offers of paid upgrades. I don’t need plugins and so forth. I believe my words stand up well on their own without any fancy add-ons. My words are my pound of flesh. They’ve got that. They’re not getting a cent out of me.

People seem to like what I write. That’s more than enough to keep me happy.