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Greetings dear reader. Thank you for dropping by. I don’t mean to detract from your festive season but I am going to address my own experiences with Xmas shopping…and it’s not pretty.Being on a limited budget, I have to start saving for Xmas in September. This leaves me in the unenviable position of shopping at the last minute.

I always have trouble knowing what to buy people.  By the time I get into town, particular presents that I have planned for people are out of stock leaving me having  to do a last minute and panicked re-think.

Going from shop to shop is a nightmare. There are people everywhere, all rushing and pushing you out of the way to grab what they’re after. I find this behaviour thoughtless and rude. Not in keeping with the Xmas spirit at all.

As I progress through my list, I am collecting bag after bag, often having to stop and pick one up that I’ve dropped, hoping that I haven’t broken any of the contents and making it more difficult to get through crowds. Add to this the fact that it’s Summer here in Tasmania. II’m covered in sweat by this stage.

When I get home I begin to wrap and label the presents, ready to hide them. I’m the first to admit that I’m hopeless at wrapping presents. I end up with more sticky tape stuck to myself than the actual present. Luckily nobody else is there as, in my frustration, my language becomes rather coarse. The presents look like they’ve been wrapped by a goat.

I hope that you’re Xmas shopping experiences are better than mine and that you have a FANTASTIC Xmas. 🙂