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.There are different types of alcoholics just as there are different types of recovering alcoholics. Some alcoholics drink to the point where they can’t stand up. Some alcoholics, who are perfectly amiable when sober, become aggressive when they drink. There are then alcoholics who sneak drinks and are never really sober but never really drunk. They’re in a sort of twilight zone.

I was the last of this list until my -ex wife could no longer take the deceit and asked me to leave. I moved into an apartment on my own and saw this as a perfect excuse for a drinking spree. For seven years my intake gradually increased and I became a recluse. For the last two years of my drinking I was consuming two bottles of vodka a day. I became bloated. I was passing blood  and was vomiting blood but I didn’t care. I had alcohol in the house.

One day I decided to quit. I was doing well until day three when I suffered an alcoholic seizure. Once I came to and got my bearings I rang an ambulance. I can’t remember the first two days in hospital but am told that I was touch and go for those days. My liver and kidneys were severely compromised.

Several days later I was discharged and have not had a drink since. It scares the Hell out of me. I am now a recovering alcoholic.

Some recovering alcoholics bounce back quickly. For some it takes months and for some it takes years. I’m in the ‘takes years’ category. Even though alcohol scares the Hell out of me and I have not had a cravings I have had a couple of odd experiences. One day, not so long ago, I was walking to the supermarket. Before I knew it, after seven years, I was sitting in my old pub being asked by the barman what I was having. I got out quick-smart. Then twice, I’ve found myself parked in the driveway of the liquorstore. Again, I came to my senses quick-smart and got out of there.

I don’t go to social functions where alcohol is available. Even after seven years I don’t trust myself. I can’t afford the risk.

“Alcoholism is no laughing matter.” (Richard Burton).