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Earlier today I had a strange experience that is puzzling me more as the day progresses.

I picked up my son from his Mums to take him to an interview for a fine arts course. When I pulled up, my -ex wifes partner was out the front of the house messing about with some mechanical thing. We always  exchange a nod, a wave or a “G’day Bob.” Today there was none of that. He didn’t even acknowledge me.

I didn’t give it a thought until we returned two hours later. The same thing happened. I also noticed that he had a furrowed brow and looked a little gaunt. He suffers from anxiety, like myself but even I manage to acknowledge people when I’m  not feeling well.

I’ve met him a few times and he is very civil, polite and gentle. He doesn’t get between my children and I and has been through a similar situation to myself. Were he to even try to get between my children and I, there would  be no courts involved. It would only take a phone call from me to an acquaintance and things would be sorted. The same would apply if violence were to become involved but I doubt very much that this would  happen.

Over several cigarettes I pondered emailing my -ex wife about the situation, through concern. I wouldn’t ring as he’d be there and she couldn’t speak freely. My -ex wife knows me well enough to know that I would only contact her through concern. Then I got paranoid and started thinking if I had said or done something wrong. I ruled this out as I haven’t been in his company for months.

I have decided to let sleeping dogs lie. What would you do?