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Greetings dear reader and thank you for dropping by. This is a special entry as I am going to talk about one of my children in it. Something that I have never done before. I shall not mention him by name.

My 19 year-old son popped in a few days ago for a visit. He has an IQ of 138….just 4 short of my own. I’m surprised at this as I thought his IQ would be higher than mine as he is both mechanically and artistically minded. I’m don’t have a mechanical bone in my body.. I know where the petrol and oil go in my car and that’s it.

We got on to talking about the different types of opinions. He first mentioned ‘static’ opinions. He gave the example of taking a lawn mower to pieces then re-building it a hundred times over and it would be the same every time. There is no room for sharing any new opinions on the matter. He then jokingly said that mechanical engineers were either dim, had too much time on their hands or knew when they were on a good wicket.

We then moved on and spoke about ‘tangible’ opinions. Despite his relatively young years he bought up a point that I found very interesting.. He said, “Do you ever notice that when you’re giving an opinion, the other person isn’t  really listening? They’re too busy waiting for you to finish so that they can give their opinion….usually on something totally unrelated to what you have just said.” I reflected on it and he’s right. I even paid attention to his words in various shops and with some friends. They’re not interested in your opinion. They’re interested in their opinion.

Most peoples so-called tangible opinions have been so ingrained through apathy and lack of openness to the opinion of others that they have become ingrained in their psyche.

I don’t have many opinions as I find them a pointless exercise unless they affect me or my family. Politics? Who cares? Religion? Couldn’t care less. TV? Bores me to tears. I’m more interested in the written word, recording music and interpreting the words of others. I do actively listen to the opinions of others but most of them are so irrelevant that I almost fall asleep on the spot. Having said this, if someone comes up with an opinion held by myself, I will take it on-board.

How do you react to opinions?