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When Bill Fielding moved town he had to find a new pharmacy. Luckily there was one just ten minutes away. On his first visit he picked up his prescription from the pharmacist and went to pay for it at the assistants desk. He was met by a lady who looked to be a couple of years older than himself. She was beautiful. She was also very shy and not forthcoming with conversation. Bill noticed her name badge read ‘Lynne.’ He said, “Hi, Lynne. I’m Bill. You’ll probably be seeing quite a bit of me. Lynne replied, “Hi Bill. Nice to meet you.”

Bill had a keen sense of humour and liked to share it. It took him quite a few visits to get a smile from Lynne. Eventually Lynnne would converse with him….even laugh with him.Bill was single. He couldn’t get Lynne out of his head but by the amount of rings that she wore he assumed that she was married. This didn’t deter Bill from sending her a rose with a message reading, ‘You just never know.’ On his next visit, as he was paying for his medications, Bill wangled the conversation around so that he could say, “You just never know.” Lynne looked at him wide-eyed with her mouth open. “It was you,” she said. Shhe then blushed.

Several months later, near Xmas, Lynne quietly asked Bill if she could ask a favour. As she looked around to check that they were alone, she took him to a quiet corner of the shop. She told Bill that the work Xmas dinner was approaching. “Would you do me a huge favour and accompany me, Bill?” Bill was gobsmacked. “Surely you’re married,” he said. Lynne said that she had been divorced for many years. Bill then said, “Haven’t you got men climbing over each other to take you out?” Lynne replied, “Yeah but they only want one thing.” Bill said that he’d be honoured. Lynne asked him to keep it secret from the staff. “Of course,” said Bill.

On the night they arranged to meet in the car park of the venue and walk in together. Bill was uncharacteristically nervous. When Lynne stepped out from her car she looked like a million dollars. As they neared the entrance, Lynne took Bills hand. When they walked in, the pharmacy staff fell deadly quiet until the manager said, “What a fantastic looking couple.” They hadn’t seen Lynne with another man since her divorce. As they  knew Bill, there were no introductions needed but there was plenty of whispering….nothing negative.

After the meal, the music started. By this stage Lynne was at the very least tipsy. Her and Bill led the charge to the dance floor. After every song, Lynne would go and have another drink. Then a slow song came on. Bill and Lynne danced close. Lynne whispered in Bills ear, “This is getting boring. Let’s go somewhere.” Bill asked “Where?” Lynne slurred, “How about your place. I want to find out a bit more about you. You intrigue me.” Bill wondered how they could sneak out. Lynne said, “Blow sneaking out. Let’s just go.” So they did. They stopped in at a liquor store so that Lynne could get a hip flask of gin.

When they arrived at Bills he and Lynne chatted for a couple of hours as Lynne got even more drunk. “Let’s put some music on,” Lynne said. “I  feel like dancing again.” Bill put on an early Beatles CD. They danced around Bills living room for an hour before Lynne had to sit down. She was beginning to fall asleep….then she fell asleep. Bill carried her to the spare room and put her to bed.

The next morning Bill woke to the sound of Lynne vomiting in the toilet. By the time he got up and dressed she was sitting on the couch looking like Alice Cooper. She apologised. “What for?” said Bill. “All that you did was get drunk.” Lynne replied, “You’re a real gentleman, Bill. Any other man would have taken advantage of me.” Bill replied, Nah. It wouldn’t be right. I was sober and you were drunk.”


He took Lynne back to her car. They exchanged phone numbers and began going out for tea together. Their friendship remains the same today….14 years later.