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I am a songwriter, novelist, poet and blogger. I have enjoyed writing for as long as I can remember and try to write at least something every day. It relaxes me.

My approaches to writing the above genres vary and I write in each genre depending on what mood I’m in.

  • Songwriting

I have been songwriting for the classic rock bands that I have been in since the age of 16 (I am now 49). I find songwriting for this genre to be somewhat superficial and the format is generally the same; verse-chorus, verse-chorus, etc.

The lyrics are not as ‘important’ or predominant in classic rock music. There’s the sound of guitars, the beat of drums and also effects to compete with; all of which tend to push the lyrics to the background. A catchy melody helps overcome this. The Beatles were the masters of this. As far as pushing lyrics to the forefront, you can’t go past Bob Dylan.

  • Novels

Don’t let any writer tell you that writing a novel is easy. It’s not.

Firstly it takes that initial spark. ‘What can I write a novel about?’ From there….and this is just how I do it….I take rough notes, developing the main plot and main characters. From here I go through the notes and expand upon them, making sure that everything is chronological. It is during this stage that I introduce side stories just to fill the novel out and make it more diverse for the reader.

I then sit down, sift through all of my notes and begin the novel proper. Once completed I proof read it to death. I give manuscripts to friends who provide me with constructive criticism. I weigh up this constructive criticism and decide if its’ worth reacting to or not.

Then I begin to write the novel proper, still referring to notes and constructive criticism.

  • Poetry

Without boasting, poetry has always come easily to me. I think that it’s a spontaneity thing. To me, poetry should be largely spontaneous. If it is not, it tends to become somewhat contrived and it shows.

My poems are written as they spring to mind. They are generally done in 10 minutes flat. I’m not one for long poems. I also don’t go much on poems that consist of one word per line. Firstly, I get lost (maybe I’m just thick). Secondly I find that I can’t get a handle on the phrasing of the piece. Phrasing a poem is of paramount importance, whether they rhyme or not.

All of my poems tell a story. Occasionally there’s a message in my poems. I keep these messages positive.

  • Blogging

The manner in which I blog is simply writing down what has been on my mind. Sometimes I blog daily. Sometimes I may not write for a few weeks.

I enjoy blogs that are light and positive in nature. I also enjoy humour and blogs that give away a little bit about the writer. Travel blogs with appropriate photos particularly appeal to me.

Blogs pertaining to politics, religion or business I do not follow. None of these topics interest me or affect my life. I’m also not one for lengthy, rambling blogs. I lose interest too quickly. Having researched the subject, the best blog length should take no more than 5-7 minutes to read (occasionally I’ll make exceptions).

  • Brief Overview

This has been a very brief overview of my personal writing styles. My likes, dislikes and opinions. I do hope that you have found it to be an interesting read.