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We all have elements in our lives that irritate us on a regular basis. They’re not major catastrophes but they’re enough to annoy you. Here are a few of my ‘pet peeves.’ They may seem trivial to you but to me they are irksome.


  • The person in front of you at the supermarket who take an age holding you up when they’re putting change back in their purse or wallet when they could stand aside and do it and let you  through.
  • Charitable organisations who cheerfully approach you in the street. There are so many. Were I to donate to all of them I would end up becoming a charitable organisation in my own right.
  • Television. I find it repetitive, violent and generally full of doom and gloom….and they always get the weather forecast  wrong.
  • Politics and religion. Full stop.
  • Having to clean my cigarette holder. Yes, I know that smoking is bad for you and all that but I only have to touch a cigarette and I get nicotine stain.

….While I’m on the subject of cigarettes….

  • The mass reduction in places in where one can smoke a legal product. Gone is the true coffee shop culture. Even in bars one can’t smoke. As a smoker even I don’t like the look of people smoking by the entrance smoking.
  • Cars. As if putting petrol, oil and water in them isn’t enough, they are still prone to breaking down and having parts that need replacing before they blow up….*according to the mechanic….*
  • Money. It makes seemingly normal people behave like lunatics.

If you have something that regularly annoys you, feel free to drop me a line.