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Diary 1

Greetings and thank you for dropping by. I thought that the ‘About Me’ section of this blog doesn’t really say very much about where I’m at so decided that I should let you know who is really behind these words. Much of what you’re about to read has not been published online so you may be in for a few surprises.

I was born in Kilmarnock, Scotland in 1967 and was raised in the mining village of Cumnock in Ayrshire. In 11979 Margaret Thatcher closed most of the mines down in Ayrshire and the village of Cumnock has been left derelict by heroin. There goes a dream of taking my children to see where I was raised.

Coal Mine

 I emigrated to Tasmania in 1979 with my family. I must say that it was initially something of a culture shock. I had never seen a wooden house with a tin roof before or roads without guttering. There were many more such surprises; too numerous to mention here Being at that awkward age of 12 I adopted an Australian accent to ‘fit in.’ Several years later I dropped it and reverted back to my broad Scots accent. It was too much of an effort to keep up. I have occasionally been mistaken for a tourist. In later years I had ‘Scotland’ tattooed to remind myself that I am Scottish and remind others as well. Ha Ha Ha!!!

Having always had an ear for music I began piano lessons when I was 9 years old. I took up the violin at age 12 and took lessons until the age of 14 when I first heard the song ‘Start Me Up’ by The Rolling Stones. From that moment on I have been primarily a guitarist but am a multi-instrumentalist. More of that in a later.

Guitar Pic

I began playing in rock bands when I  was 16 years old but by the time I was 22 years old I was a State Registered Nurse and found juggling shift work with band work too much so quit band work.As a multi-instrumentalist I was able to take to recording my own music in 1998 and found it much more enjoyable. In 2007 I entered the online recording world and have my music on various music sites, including iTunes, Amazon and the discount site Bandcamp.


I married my partner of  6 years in 1996 and my first child was born the following year. My second child was born two years later. Through all of this I developed an alcohol habit that led to my divorce in 2002. I moved into a single apartment and saw this as an opportunity to drink even more. Towards the end of my drinking I was consuming two bottles of vodka a day. I was vomiting an urinating blood….but this didn’t stop me. Two hospitalisations didn’t stop me either nor did rehab. To be honest I don’t know what stopped me. My only bad habits today are cigarettes and occasional coarse language.

Vodka Bottle

After two years of sobriety I still didn’t feel well mentally. My moods were still swinging from high to low and I was suffering from levels of debilitating high anxiety. After several visits to a psychiatrist I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder. I took it upon myself to retire from nursing as, despite medication, my moods aand anxiety remain unpredictable at times.

Today I live alone in an apartment in a quiet area on Tasmanias’ north west coast. Between blogging, writing books and poetry which have been published on Amazon and writing and recording my music I manage to keep myself busy enough. My children live nearby and I see them frequently.