The saddest literature is that which goes unread. I just thought of that then but no  doubt somebody else has written it somewhere else.

There are so many writers churning out great work globally worldwide that the reader can’t be expected to keep up with it. Add to this the ever increasing pace of life a  and technology, reading is on the decline. This, I believe, is why there has been a huge upsurge in blogging.

So what makes a good blog. There are countless ‘how to’ articles but I will narrow this entry down to what I believe makes a good blog. The first thing is, obviously, the title. It has to grab the readers attention and get them curious. I have found that single word titles don’t work so well, no matter how exhilarating the word. The only exception to this is to use someones christian name. It gets the prospective reader curious; more so than a word like ‘Howl,’ ‘Scream,’ or ‘Moon’ for example.

A blog must be informative in some way. It can be educational or it may be a short story. It also must flow. Wording should be concise and repetition should be avoided at all costs. I cannot emphasise these two points enough.

A  blog entry should not be too lengthy. Research states that an average blog entry should take no more than seven minutes to read. If I light a cigarette and begin reading a blog, by the time the cigarette is finished the blog entry should be finished too otherwise it gets butted out too.

After about seven minutes, most readers tend to drift off as the blog, by this stage, is starting to go off track or become repetitive.

So, dear reader, thee next time that you encounter a blog entry examine the title and the length of the entry before passing it by.

I could continue ad nauseam on this subject but that is the exact reason that I have written this entry. To Give it a good name. To keep it simple and to stick to the point.