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Spilled Ink

When I’m not  writing I do very little. Writing is my ‘thing.’ I do the necessities such as housework, groceries and paying bills. Fortunately my house is low maintenance and local amenities  are nearby so these activities don’t occupy much of my time.

For whatever reason that I’m not writing….I’ll get to that later….I get bored  very easily. Television holds little  interest to me. There seems to bee too much repetition and violence. Despite being a writer, I’m  not a prolific reader. I  read to research a current project that I’m working on but to relax I like to read autobiographies and biographies.

I rarely socialise when I’m not writing. I find that it  becomes mundane after a while and inevitably ends upturning to gossip; something that I don’t like. I’m not one for ‘playing the game’ either. I find it both fake and futile.

I don’t like to talk about my children online as do some people on Facebook who harp on ad nauseam about their children as if they are some sort of trophy. My children don’t live with me  but I see them often and spend a lot of time thinking about them in a positive manner.

I also write and record my own music and have been an online musician since 2007. Having said this I have done nothing musical since mmid-2015 as writing has taken over my life for the time being. I have no doubt that I will return to music in the future. I enjoy it too much.

The two reasons that prevent me from writing are either writers block or if I’m feeling unwell. Writers  block is frustrating and drives me nuts. Feeling unwell is also frustrating and also drives me nuts….but in a different way.

My solution to these two obstacles is to have several projects going at one time. Currently I  and this blog have two novels, a poetry book a poetry blog and this blog on the go. This way I can jump from one project to another if I find myself stuck for words.

So to sum things up, it’s a rarity for me to be not writing.