Positive Thinking

Don’t take  too much reassurance, dear reader, in the notion of positive thinking. In the grand scheme of things, positive thinking has an effect on very little.

Sure, positive thinking may make you feel better but it’s not going to help you pass that exam or get that job. Going into an exam or job interview with a positive mindset might get you success one day. If you were to enter either of these situations the following day with the same mindset, you may just fail. It’s all down to fate.

Having said this, negative thinking is a terribly destructive mindset. It makes you feel unwell, it brings those around you down and you do not perform at your  best.

“Fake it to make it” is a term that I’m sick to death of hearing whilst researching. Pretend everything is okay  when in fact everything it isn’t. You’re deluding yourself and those around you which only serves to increase your inner angst.

Don’t make a point of thinking positively. If you’re having a good day, feel good about it. If you’re having a bad day then feel bad about it. Roll with the punches.

As George Harrison once said:”Everything must pass.”….(positive thinking or not).

Be who you are.