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Greetings dear reader and thank you so much for dropping by. I’d like to tell you a bit about what it’s like to live as a writer. I am a writer myself. I publish novels, poetry and blogs, depending on my mood. I am always able to busy myself with writing.

Writing and isolation lend themselves to each other. When I am writing I require no distractions such as the television, radio or music. I find them very distracting and have even been called a recluse. I can live with that….because it’s partly true.

I’m not anti-social but have found myself caught short when I visit friends and an idea comes to me. I have to prematurely excuse myself in order to get that idea on paper. On rare occasions that idea has left me before I arrive home. This is particularly frustrating.I find that when visiting friends I am often hit by an idea as conversations with them become stale and ‘samey ‘(if there is such a word) and find myself drifting off into my latest project.

Visitors pose little problem. After they leave, all I have to do is re-read the last few paragraphs that I have written in order to get back into the swing of things. When the phone rings, however, I still find myself jumping as I am so engrossed in my work.

Appointments throw me off big time. If I have an appointment I become distracted tot the point where I can’t get into the swing of writing. The same applies to shopping, paying bills and so forth. If I don’t do these things early in the day then they don’t get done. I also find these activities incredibly distracting. The only exception to this is if I encounter an interesting situation, conversation or comment that may spark the idea for a poem

As mentioned at the start of this blog,, writing lends itself to isolation. I like this isolation and have seen days vanish in what feels like a matter of minutes.

I don’t attend social functions as I find the conversation very superficial and fruitless. It all feels like being in the same scene of a movie over and over again.

Some writers are able to balance a social life with writing. Not this writer. I much prefer my own company when working as I become too easily distracted.