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Songwriters are born with different traits to non writers. Many people get songwriters confused with poets. There’s more to it than that. Songwriters have melodies and arrangements to deal with. They mentally hear a song before it is written. Poets don’t have this psychological competition.

I have been a songwriter myself for many years and have released several albums. The strange thing that I find is that once a song  is fully completed and released, it vanishes from my mind. I might be able to give you a line or two or a melody but that’s all.

Having not written for over a year I have no doubt that I will return to it. For the time  being I am content writing short stories and poetry. To me writing a song isn’t a matter of sitting down with a blank canvas and magically creating a song. A song comes to the composer. It may stem from a situation, a comment or pure imagination.

To me once I have written a song it is gone. It’s over and then handed over to listeners to make of it what they will. People make all sorts of things out of songs. To me they are merely the capturing of a moment in musical form.

I shall return to songwriting as mentioned. The reason that I stopped is beyond my comprehension but I know that I was born to be a songwriter.