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Tim Daley was born to be a writer. He was writing legibly before he started school. He excelled at writing at school and went on to study English Literature at University. He then studied teaching and became an English teacher at the local primary school. After a few years he secured a position at a nearby university lecturing in English studies.

Such was his love for writing, Tim became a self published author whilst lecturing at university. His books sold well and he became well-known locally as an author, attracting fellow writers. Tim enjoyed the company and conversation of these like-minded people and would socialise frequently.

When he wasn’t lecturing or socialising, Tim was writing. He could write about anything. He would write at odd hours, sometimes waking in the middle of the night with an idea that just couldn’t wait.

By the age of thirty two, Tim was tiring mentally.. He was finding it difficult to juggle teaching, socialising and writing. He took to taking a couple of drinks prior to writing in order to rejuvenate himself. After a few years, this habit took more of a toll on his energy levels. Something had to give. Tim decided to resign from his university position in order to focus on his writing.

With more free time, Tim was not only able to write more but also socialise more; something that he enjoyed immensely. With his increase in socialising came a sharp increase his alcohol intake.

This began to take its’ toll on his writing output and even his interest in it. His writing became less controlled and at times nonsensical. Pretty soon, he wasn’t writing at all. All of his ideas remained ideas inside his alcohol riddled mind. He even began to socialise less as he found himself with less to say and less interest in what others had to say.

By the time he was forty years old, Tim Daley was a burnt-out, full-blown alcoholic. He lived alone, went out little and the only writing that he did was to write occasional blog entries or poetry in blog form.

He would receive feedback asking why he had stopped writing. One such comment suggested that he get back to teaching. This struck a chord with Tim. A few months later a position at the university where he once taught. Tim got himself into shape and applied for the position. He was successful and began teaching three weeks later.

It wasn’t long before Tims’ life was back to what it was….minus the alcohol.