Dan Fielding was diagnosed with bipolar disorder in 2009. Prior to this he had abused alcohol for many years. After two years of sobriety, Dan still didn’t feel mentally stable. He went to his doctor who immediately referred him to a psychiatrist.

After three visits the psychiatrist diagnosed him with bipolar disorder; mid-range. Not extreme. Not mild. He was immediately put on standard medications for bipolar disorder, namely Lithium and Epilim. After a few days Dan began to feel more stable. This stability lasted  for several months until he began to feel depressed.

His psychiatrist put him on an anti-depressant. This sounds all very well but they can take up to several weeks to work….if indeed they do work. After several months Dan was taken off the anti-depressant and he continued to go well for a few months.

A few months later Dan started to display signs of mania. He became restless, wouldn’t sleep for days, would go shopping several times a day and felt like he could drink again. Fortunately he got to his psychiatrist before drinking. His psychiatrist increased his Lithium to calm his ‘high’ feelings.’ This took three days to kick in.

After several years Dan began to become extremely frustrated by all  that went with bipolar disorder. The medication changes where his psychiatrist was playing ‘catch up,’ the blood tests and the obsession with his mental state. “Am I high or low?” “Why am I like This?” “Will I be like this forever?”

One day Dan just happened across an article that put things into perspective and struck him as being so simple that it was brilliant. It was written by someone who had been in a similar situation with a similar mindset.

The article basically pointed out that obsessing about medication and ones’ mental state achieved nothing. Get on with life. Take the good with the bad and that there’s someone out there in a worse situation.

Get on with living.