I don’t believe in God and find organised religion a farce. I make no apologies for this opinion. Were there a God then why is there violence, wars, cancer and other cruel diseases.

I do, however, believe in some supreme force that plays a weird game involving good things and bad things. When we die we do not vanish. Energy cannot vanish. It simply dissipates. I put it to you that when we die our energy force simply goes to another place. An unknown place. Certainly not Heaven. I don’t believe in that either.

Getting back to wars, I am at a loss to figure out the rationale of suicide bombers. If they want to achieve total world domination, why are they blowing up the people that they wish to dominate? If these suicide bombers continue to blow themselves up, then who is going to be left to do the dominating? The world would be desolate of mankind.

Keith Richards came up with a  rather novel solution to the problem of suicide bombers. He said that the suicide bombers should hold a convention and blow each other up. Problem solved. It’s certainly a better ‘option’ that this so-called God has produced.

God can’t repair limbs torn off soldiers during wars that he created. (He is meant to be the almighty after all). Science can help  repair these injuries….to an extent anyway.

Why does he allow people to die in agony from diseases that he created, particularly when many worldwide are denied the best painkiller known to man?

Based on verified scientific studies, each animal on Noahs’ Ark would have 6mm between them. Too bad if they all inhaled at the same time.

I rarely discuss religion; only when cornered and somebody brings the subject up. I mention some of the aforementioned paradoxes and atrocities. In most cases the responses are either, “God works in mysterious ways,” or “There’s a reason for everything. There’s no concrete evidence forthcoming.

If that’s God, you can have him.