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Lonely Writer

I wake up with the birds, irrespective of the season. I feel fresh and alive. I’m showered and shaved in an instant. I the check and answer my emails. From there I generally visit my parents who live just up the road for a coffee and cigarette. We discuss and solve the worlds problems….but don’t tell anyone the answers.

I then head back home and begin writing, be it working on my latest book, this blog or my poetry blog. My writing takes me through to around 1pm. By this time I am mentally exhausted and often out of ideas.

This leads to the dreaded boredom. I try every trick in the book to avoid boredom. Television exacerbates the boredom. Reading doesn’t work, nor does recording music. I visit friends or occasionally go into town but this only passes so much time.

By the time late afternoon or early evening arrives I begin to feel mentally rejuvenated again and thus writing resumes in earnest. My writing during these later hours are my most productive. I must be careful not to stay up writing too late as I end up getting little or no sleep. This takes me a couple of days to recover from so I have learned not to write after 9pm.

I go to bed with my mind racing with ideas about what I shall write about the following day. Due to the fact that my mind had been working overtime for the best part of the day, I generally sleep well….ready to wake with the birds again.