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Own Worst Enemy

Colin Haywood was 45 years old and divorced. He worked as an assistant in an accountants office. He was a popular member of staff, always willing to help out colleagues where he could but he did it to a fault. Colin tried too hard.

Some of his more slovenly colleagues would leave scrap pieces of paper and so forth on the floor knowing full well that Colin would pick up and dispose of it. Even his boss would lumber Colin with paperwork that he was not legally qualified to attend to. Colin would oblige, irrespective.

Colins’ major failing, to my mind, was his desperation to get a himself a partner….and I mean DESPARATE! He had already asked out every female employee in the office for a coffee and was rejected. This didn’t stop Colin.

He was always joining clubs of various sorts with the primary aim of securing a partner. When he would join a club he would bound up to my door, full of beans, eager to tell me all about it. Predictably, after a few weeks, Colin simply stopped mentioning the club. I’m not interested as to know why but it has become a definite pattern. He would also drop around and visit to tell me that he was going out for a coffee with a lady and that things were looking ‘promising.’ How can you tell? It’s only a coffee for goodness sake! These coffees would inevitably eventuate into nothing.

Colin is a likeable fellow. Always chirpy and full of conversation but has the annoying habit of talking about people that I don’t know as if I do know them….and the talk is usually of a negative nature. I don’t like that very much. It is also very evident that he lives on his nerves.

He either visits to tell me of a prospective ‘hook-ups’ or to tell me how a prospect has gone pear-shaped. When he leaves, I’m generally left feeling depressed for a wee while….but not for long. Generally speaking, I don’t see the feel for a partner. Maybe I’ve just become too too used to my own company which some may see as selfish.

This is one thing that cannot be said of Colin. He is one of the most unselfish people that I have encountered. I genuinely wish him well in his endeavours in seeking a partner. I also hoe that people start treating him with the respect that he deserves.