Bob Dylan once sang; “I hurt easy I just don’t show it. You can hurt someone and not even know it.” This is me down to the ground. I am an extremely sensitive person. 95% of people who know me don’t realise this. I have an outgoing and humorous nature. I believe that this is a mask for my sensitivity and insecurities. I also believe that it is a learned behaviour. A defence mechanism.

I have a propensity to overthink. I can overthink the smallest and most trivial thing to the exclusion of all other logical thoughts. Give me a bag of nothing and I will overthink it into Mount Everest.

Depending on my frame of mind I can take a perfectly innocent comment and turn it into a nasty piece of work. Why I do this I do not know. On other occasions I can take the nastiest comment and swat it away like a fly.

I see no need for rudeness. I cannot be verbally rude to someone who has been rude to me but I can reduce them to the size of an ant non-verbally. This is much easier and more satisfying I find.

Why people feel the need to be rude to someone else fascinates me. It achieves nothing but embarrassment for the ‘victim.’ Perhaps it’s an ego trip for the perpetrator. There are countless reasons but there are no excuses.

So the next time that you encounter a seemingly happy and outgoing, humorous type on your travels, bear in mind the words of Bob Dylan. These people may not be as they portray themselves.