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Lonely Writer

Much of my writing I consider to be situational. By situational I am referring to writing about something that derives from a newspaper story that I may have read, a television story that I have seen, a conversation that I have had with someone, an incident that I have been involved in or witnessed. I consider myself fortunate in that my imagination allows me to write about such events.

Seemingly innocuous events to many simply pass them by without a thought. To me I find them fascinating. I can wake up some mornings and write about my waking experience. Likewise I can write about the effects of a poor nights sleep. As mentioned above, my imagination can at times run riot

I have some rules pertaining to my writing. Although I swear in real life I do not use coarse language in my writing. I can convey an expletive in my writing without actually penning it. I also don’t breach the confidentiality of others. I have a ‘thing’ about the privacy of others. Often, when writing about myself I will disguise my identity by replacing the word ‘I’ with ‘he’ or ‘she.’ To the avid reader I suspect that this may be somewhat transparent….but I don’t mind. I’m pretty well an open book.

My other big rule pertaining to my writing is that I do not write about my children. Mere words cannot convey my feelings for them. It’s too big. They know know my feelings for them and I know their feelings for me. It’s that simple. I see no need to go bleating on about them ad nauseam. It’s a very personal thing.

On writing in a situational manner there is on occasion some embellishment. I have no problem with this so long as the reader is made aware of it and that fiction is not portrayed as fact.

I have several writings saved as drafts as I often run out of imagination half way through. It may sit there as a draft for days….or weeks….then SUDDENLY without warning, I’m right back there in that bygone moment and I complete my piece.

I have no problem getting the initial ‘spark’ for a piece then struggle to round it off….as is the case with this piece, which was actually commenced a few days ago. It took a recent conversation with the girl at the corner store  to see this piece come to an end. Two words actually. I was talking to her about a dilemma that I was having commencing another work. Two words from her was all it took.

“Think it. Write it.”