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Please note that this entry is purely my opinion. No offence is intended.


I’m not much one for going into town just for the sake of it. On most occasions it’s a case of getting in, doing the job and getting out. I often wear my sunglasses in case I spy someone that I know and am not in the mood for talking. I even wear them sometimes in winter even though it may be viewed as ‘uncool.’ I’m not interested in ‘uncool’ or ‘cool.’ I am who I am. I do my best to blend in with the masses.

On a good day, however, if I encounter someone that I know I’m more than happy to have a chat and catch up on what they have been up to. I am genuinely interested. On a bad day I’ll pretend not to see them or make an excuse to get away from them as quickly as possible without being rude.

On these good days I might stop somewhere for a coffee. I have a keen interest in behavioural psychology and enjoy observing the different types of people that pass me by. Their body language, mode of speech, dress sense, facial expressions and so forth. It has always genuinely fascinated me as I sit there wondering what makes these people tick.

Social functions have always driven me up the wall….to the point where I have refused invites for many years now. Everyone is putting on an act. They speak differently than they do were I to speak to them in the street and talk falsely of subjects that they know little or nothing about. The formal dress is a farce, the back-slapping drives me up the wall too as does the overdone compliments. I see no need for any of it. Some may say I’m anti-social. I prefer to see myself as a realist.

Some people live for these social events and I suspect that they would be lost without them. With my aforementioned interest in behavioural psychology, I am left wondering what these people do at home. When they are by themselves. Can they exist without the ‘fakery’? I don’t spend too much time wondering about them.

Then again, if people are happy with their gig then so be it and I wish them all the best. I would certainly not hurt their feelings simply because I don’t agree with the way that they carry out their lives.

Live and let live.