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Most of us get bored from time to time but there’s boredom and there’s boredom. There are countless remedies for boredom. Going for a walk. Reading a book. Listening to music or playing an instrument. Doing housework. Visiting friends. There are many options.

When you find yourself bored with activities that normally stimulate you then perhaps it is time to ask yourself some questions. Why do my activities no longer stimulate me? This is where the advice of family and friends proves helpful. After all, they know you and your habits best.

When boredom becomes prolonged this may be a sign of underlying depression and help should  be sought. You will probably find that those close to you have noticed  your depressed mood before you have. This is often the case.

Prolonged depression will almost certainly lead to anxiety. Combined with the depression already caused, this is a nasty combination and can have a profound and negative effect on your mental health. Once anxiety presents I cannot urge you strongly enough to seek help.

I’ve been there.