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From what I can gather, Facebook is by far the most popular. People enjoy sharing their lives from behind the safety of their computer screen. They say things and display photos that they would not normally do so in the real world. I’ll address this in more detail shortly.

With over 3,000 friends on Facebook my timeline moves too fast for me to keep up with. Most of my friends emanate from my online music antics. I only keep regular contact with about 20 of them from all over the globe. I enjoy hearing about their culture. I actually only keep in contact with about a dozen people that I know in the real world.

Getting back to what people share on Facebook, their computer seems to give them some sense of false bravado as I know for sure that they wouldn’t say some of the things that they do online. I get a weird kick when I see arguments in public on Facebook. These people may as well stand in the street and yell their obscenities at each other for all to witness. It’s like reading a script from ‘The Days Of Our Lives.’

Many posts on Facebook bemuse me but I don’t view this as a bad thing. Different people have different interests and what I find mundane some people will find entertaining. The free speech aspect of Facebook is something that I like.

Music sites are a different kettle of fish. As an online musician I find them somewhat ‘desperate’ with pleas from musicians and sites to join them….usually for a price. I am very selective with what music sites that I am a part of.

I find blogging sites much more relaxing and stimulating. There is genuine talent and thought happening. I don’t go much on ‘doom and gloom’ posts….but….I will ‘like’ and occasionally comment on an entry. Why? The writer has displayed talent, creativity and on occasion have found a place comfortable enough to share their most personal thoughts. There is also no desperation on blogging sites. You can take it or leave it without offending anyone.

I vary my online sharing between Facebook, music sites and blogging site but prefer blogging sites as there is no pressure and no need to keep up with replies such as those that are prevalent on music sites and Facebook