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I wake up to one of two types of mornings. A good morning or a bad one.

A Good Morning: I gently wake up feeling relaxed waiting to face the day. Full of beans. I take my meds and head off to town to do what has to be done without waiting for my meds to kick in.

I arrive home and unpack my shopping then do what little housework has to be done. After this I sit down to my laptop, check my emails then begin writing. My writing can be work on a book, a blog or a poem. Ideas are flowing freely.

In the afternoon I either read or record my music. My mind is still flying with ideas. I slow down a bit come late afternoon but by the time early evening comes my mind is abuzz again with ideas. On these days I must be vigilant in taking my bedtime meds or I won’t sleep. This is a recipe for disaster the following day. I have learned this the hard way and it has been a lesson well learned.

A Bad Morning: A bad morning usually starts after neglecting to take my aforementioned bedtime meds. I wake with a start and usually after a very vivid dream. So vivid that I confuse it with reality.

On these mornings I take my meds and return to bed for a while until I feel them work. Even with my meds on-board I struggle to do what has to be done in town. Sometimes it doesn’t get done. This only serves to heighten my angst.

My startled waking state remains with me for the greater part of the day. Checking my email goes by the wayside. Writing of any form is out of the question.

My overall poor mental state eases come early evening. My mind becomes abuzz again and I get around to checking my emails and writing. It is at this point that I must remain ever alert with regards to taking my bedtime meds otherwise another bad morning is all but guaranteed.

Irrespective of whether I have had a good or bad day, I always tell myself on retiring to bed, “Tomorrow is another day.”