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I began many moons ago online purely as a recording artist. I recorded and released my music on every site that I could find. For the first two years it was a really exciting time as I received accolades and even set up my own website.

As time went on, however, I began  to get bombarded by requests from fellow musicians to review their music as I am an experienced sound engineer and  multi-instrumentalist. I simply didn’t have the time. I can’t just listen to a song and critique’ it. I need a good few listens before I can give an accurate assessment of a piece. My days would be filled with listening to other peoples music instead of concentrating on my own. I ended up having to send out a (polite) mass email saying that I was no longer doing song critiques.

After approximately seven years I felt that I needed a break from music so I took to writing. I began writing short stories, which have been published. I am currently working on my first novel.

Amidst all of this I would mess about on Facebook from time to time….but not often. I enjoy the free speech aspect of it but don’t go much on the way that people believe everything they read. I also don’t go much on people posting pretty pictures with poignant messages. No originality or imagination of their own. Now don’t get me wrong, I like photos of cute babies but I can’t understand why people post these people post another photo two hours later. How much more cute can a baby get in the space of two hours? Facebook is a handy backup for boredom. Just a few minutes here and there is enough. Sometimes it can even give me an idea for my writing.

Having spent a few years writing my short stories I felt that I needed a writing avenue that would allow me to write my thoughts down as they presented. I saw an advertisement on Facebook (of all places) for WordPress in 2015 so I looked into it. It took me no time at all to get the hang of it and began this very blog. I can write down and publish my thoughts as they present and share them with anyone who cares to read them. A few months after commencing this blog I commenced a poetry blog.

Of all of the sites that I have been involved in over the years I have found this blogging site to be the most conducive to good vibes. People acknowledge your blogs and provide any criticism in a constructive manner with sprinklings of humour never too far away.

I have discovered (fortunately) that bloggers do not plead for accolades or riches as is the case with many online music sites. They do not treat blogging as a competition. Bloggers merely wish to share their ideas without fanfare. Musicians could learn a lot about how to conduct themselves from bloggers.

Bloggers just go about their business. This is how I conduct my life so I cannot help but be drawn to this attitude.

I think I shall continue blogging and writing my poems and short stories.