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There’s overthinking and there’s overthinking. We all do it at some point in varying degrees. When faced with a problem to solve, be it at work or on the home front we have to think before making a decision. When you get bogged down by this decision to the exclusion of all others then you’re heading for trouble. Other issues get pushed by the wayside to the detriment of the understanding of the big picture.can

Overthinking can go another step further. It can make its’ way into the most menial of aspects of your life. Example….I am on medication for bipolar disorder. Sometimes this medication makes me shake. Not markedly but enough to be noticeable. If I begin to overthink this shaking it can prevent me from going to the corner store to buy a packet of cigarettes, even though the girl at the corner store knows my situation. This type of overthinking can affect every activity of my daily life. What triggers it escapes me. I used to think that it was anxiety but after many years realised that it was the overthinking that caused this anxiety. Some days it doesn’t affect me at all.

A vivid imagination does not help the cause of those who overthink to. A molehill can be transformed into Mount Everest in a matter of seconds. It is more prevalent to present in a negative manner in the morning. Evening times tend to bring out overthinking of a more creative nature, leading the sufferer to stay up late, get little sleep and wake up in a state of angst.

If this sort of overthinking is impacting on your daily life I suggest seeking help. It can be treated.

Some people are placed on medication as overthinking can indicate an underlying mental health condition. It is imperative to take this medication as your psychiatrist knows your mental state better than you and have objectivity on their side. Even when you are feeling well, please keep taking your medication unless advised otherwise.

Don’t overthink yourself into a state of social paralysis.