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Question Mark

Greetings dear readers.

Occasionally I will get asked why I write. The answer is dependent on who asks. Usually I’ll give the usual “I like to.” The truth is that there is much more to it than that.

I have enjoyed writing ever since I was a child. I also have a vivid imagination; an imagination that I think is worth sharing (at the risk of sounding big headed). I enjoy sharing this imagination. Writing also provides me with an escape from reality. I find it mundane. Let’s just say reality and I don’t get along and because I don’t drink alcohol or take illicit drugs, writing is my escape.

My mind generally runs with all cylinders firing. I can’t keep up and many ideas will, sadly, go unwritten. Having said this I also experience periods of writers block. This sends my anxiety levels sky high. My writing output is either very much ‘on’ or ‘off.’.

I prefer to write on ‘real’ subjects, particularly those pertaining to behavioural psychology or nature. As well as blogging I am an author and enjoy writing poetry. Between these three forms of writing, I manage to keep myself as far away from reality as is necessary. This may make me sound like a recluse but most serious writers have to be somewhat reclusive due to the nature of their craft.

I find it difficult to talk about my writing. I find it difficult to explain my exact point to people who have no idea where I’m coming from. I despise the notion that my writing may be misinterpreted as it occasionally is. It is very difficult to ‘un-explain’ the conception that a reader has entrenched in their mind.

I consider myself extremely fortunate in that I have the mindset that allows me to want to write. I also consider myself fortunate in that in this day of the internet I am able to share my thoughts with anyone who cares to read it.

So….if you have any questions, just ask. I’m only a few clicks of the keyboard away.