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Crime Scene

All that young John Thompson wanted to be when he grew up was a forensic lecturer. From the age of thirteen he had his career mapped out.

He began with a blog called ‘Crime Solvers’ but this was no ordinary blog. John wrote his entries in chronological order with the aim of publishing it as a novel one day. For his blog he would imagine crimes and research the forensic aspects of solving them.

When it came the time to attend university, John decided it wise to study teaching first. This would set him on good footing to become a lecturer further on down the track. He did well at university and was still able to keep his ‘Crime Solvers’ up to date.

On completion of university he taught at a local high school for five years and thoroughly enjoyed it but felt that it was time to move on. He returned to university and studied forensic science. Due to the research that he had done for his lengthy blog he found the going easy.

On completion of the course John decided to take a year off to finally complete his novel. He figured that it would give him more credibility when applying for a position as a forensic lecturer when a position arose.

In the meantime, after his novel was published, John went back to teaching. Two years later a position as a forensic lecturer became vacant in a different state. With his intellect and extensive history in writing John secured the position.


He took to the position with gusteau and thoroughly enjoyed it. He was very good at it too. A natural. It wasn’t too long before John began to develop a reputation as an expert in his chosen subject. He would give his students hypothetical cases which required real forensic techniques to solve. He really made them think.

One day he was asked to the university Deans’ office. When he arrived there was the Dean and the Commissioner of Police. The Dean let the Commissioner do all of the talking. The Commissioner told John that they had a serial killer on the loose and kept coming up with dead ends. They wanted to enlist his help. John was more than happy to help. The Commissioner emphasised that Johns’ involvement was to remain top secret.

John was given full access to police files and began to feverishly study the case. It took him eighteen months of hard work but he came up with the most unexpected result. The serial killer was in fact a police officer.

Having solved the case, the Commissioner offered John a position with the police department. John asked for time to consider it. After mulling it over for a few weeks, John decided to take the position. He was to lead a team of six forensic investigators. John became highly successful in his new career.

He would never return to teaching but his blog remains and he continues to publish books.