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Bob Dylan

I recently watched an interview with Bob Dylan.
I was surprised
That a man so phenomenal with the written word
Had so little to say.

He didn’t move his eyes from the ground.
He was always thinking.
Thinking deeply of the question
And the answer.

He was not aloof or stand-offish.
He was just constantly thinking.
Making no eye contact with the camera
Or the interviewer.

His answers were short.
When he spoke his answers made sense.
He is man to be listened to.
Concise and deep yet plain.

Bob Dylan makes sense.
I would love to meet him, or would I?
What could I possibly say that would interest him?
Would he want to be interested?

There is no glamour or glitz.
Bob Dylan is not a rock star.
He appears shy when speaking
With no time for accolades.

His straight talk would be well served in politics
But I imagine that he has no interest in this field.
Too much ‘fakery.’
Bob Dylan is no fake.