Dan Fielding lived for nothing but writing.  By the time he was in his early twenties he had two highly successful blogs. One was a poetry blog, the other was for his general thoughts.  The latter he would draw upon for novels that he would publish. He also had a book published. Although the royalties didn’t pay him a wage it bought him in enough money to get by on

When he married he married an  English Literature teacher who was enthralled by his writings. They would share ideas and Dan would take some of these ideas and allow his imagination take over and add them to one of his blogs.

After five years of marriage his wife had had enough. As Dan sat by his laptop writing or gazing out of the window thinking, he did nothing else, leaving her to do all of the household chores on top of her teaching work. Dan kept telling her that he was going to make it as a writer one day. As any writer will tell you that it takes a long time to receive recognition an an author or poet.

Broken Marriage

Dans’ wife asked him to leave. So engrossed was he with his writing he did so with minimal fuss or thought. He packed his rucksack with one spare pair of clothes, a set of good clothes, toiletries, reams of paper and plenty of pens. He had no idea where he was going but wasn’t phased.

Dan decided to head to the next nearest town and planned to get by on the royalties from his book. It would be a meagre existence but Dan was low maintenance. Dan hitch-hiked from place to place, taking in the scenery betewen places and atmosphere of each town. He slept in caravan parks in different towns for the next five years where he would write on paper and rush to the local library the next day to publish his latest work or update the next book that he was working on.

When he wasn’t writing or at the library, Dan took to spending time at local coffee shops where he would pick up snippets of conversations to use for his writings. This is something that he had never done before but he enjoyed it immensely.

Coffee Shop

One day at a coffee shop he was approached by a middle-aged gentleman who said that he couldn’t help but notice that Dan was taking notes. He asked what Dan was taking notes about. Dan told him that he was an author. The man asked if he could read some of it. He was taken aback and said, “I think there’s somebody that you may like to meet.” Dan was interested.

The following night there was to be an authors meeting and the gentleman invited Dan as he wanted to introduce him to a few people.

As obsessed with writing as Dan was, he was charismatic, eloquent and had a broad base of knowledge. He could talk to anyone. He was introduced to many people at the event but one gentleman, Ian Hyslop, was particularly interested in meeting him. He asked Dan what his favourite genre of writing. Dan said that it was poetry. Hyslop just happened to be the head of Storage Publishing, who specialised in poetry. He asked Dan to bring him in some of his work the following day. Dan was ecstatic.


The following morning Dan rushed down to the library and printed off what he thought was his best work for Hyslop to peruse. On perusing Dans’ work, Hyslop sat back in his chair and said, “You’re on a winner, Dan. I’d like to offer you a contract. Where do I send correspondence to?” Dan gave his address at the caravan park. Hyslop was gobsmacked. “Well you’d better stay there for the time being….but not for long,” he said winking at Dan.

The following week Dan received a letter from Hyslop. It was a one book contract for a book of poetry. Finally! Finally Dans’ work had been really recognised. He had twelve months to complete the work. Dan immediately set about gathering his best work that he had previously written, leaving him only about half a book to complete. Plenty of time.

Dan completed the book two months ahead of time. Hyslop was very impressed with it and promised Dan full promotion of his work. Dan wasn’t very keen on the idea of promotion and the publicity that went with it. He was a poet, not a rock star. He put this to Hyslop who understood but encouraged Dan to at least have a photograph taken to put on the back cover of the book.

The book was submitted for publication. Now it was just a matter of waiting. During this waiting period Dan went back to work on his second novel.

When Dans’ poetry book was released it was an instant hit. Accolades came in from all over the world. Hyslop called Dan in for a meeting and tried to coerce him into doing the media circuit. Dan flatly refused and demanded anonymity. He also asked Hyslop to handle and deflect any correspondence. Due to the fact that the book was doing so well on its’ own Hyslop agreed.

The only ‘fame’ that Dan received was in the town that he was living in. Sure enough, through time, word got out to the world where Dan was living. He couldn’t handle the distraction.

A few months later, in the dead of night, Dan packed his rucksack and made his way to another small town. As he had done previously he took up residence in a caravan park away from the fuss and distraction.

Dan was back where he wanted to be. Writing and thinking