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Lonely Writer

Several months ago I entered the world of blogging purely  with aim of sharing my thoughts and hopefully providing entertainment to anyone who cared to read. I thought it wise to do some research on blogging first. My wise(e)dom only served to see me swearing loudly at my laptop, rolling my eyes frequently and temporarily increase my cigarette intake.

For days all that I was confronted with during my searches was ‘how to’ blogs. Keyword density, SEO and so forth. They were all so full of advertisements that distracted the reader from the actual content….which was all pretty much the same anyway. Very cold and clinical. Not a sign of creativity at all with the exception of the occasional nerdy joke which isn’t my cup of tea anyway.

Then….then….purely by accident I discovered a creative blog post hosted on WordPress. I read the post and found it very enlightening so I ‘followed’ the site and went as far as to leave a comment. I then received blog updates from that site.


I’m not very computer minded so I decided to check out WordPress and found it to be very easy to use. Now here I am. Right before your very eyes. My posts on this blog stem from random thoughts that I have from time to time. They can be one day apart  or weeks apart. As time progressed I began to gain more followers. I find this gratifying and humbling.

One day I gained a follower who is a poet. I enjoy poetry and as a songwriter I figured that I could give it a shot as I perhaps had a head start on most. This proved to be partly true. I decided to broaden my horizons and start a poetry blog.


I find writing poetry to be much deeper than songwriter and much more rewarding. When writing poetry ones’ imagination can run riot but must be put in a way that  rolls off the readers mind.

After all is said and done, I’d like to think that people feel better after reading a blog post or poem of mine than they did beforehand. That simple.