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There are many outstanding independent poets in the world. It’s a matter of finding them. Poets to not receive the acclaim akin to that of musicians and actors. To be honest I don’t think poets seek  it. They are a different breed of artist.

Poets want to be  understood.

To be understood the poet has to be acknowledged. Many independent poets have blogs. This is an excellent way to be acknowledged and thus understood by those interested in poetry. By blogging the blogger can attract followers, some of whom are fellow bloggers. Readers may choose to follow their poetry blogs thus increasing their acknowledgement.

Everybody can write but not everybody can be a poet. As a songwriter I find writing comes to me easily. I have been doing it for over thirty years. Over the past few months, however, I have found myself leaning towards poetry. Song lyrics only need to rhyme and I find the content rather shallow. I want to challenge my mind. I wrote poetry when I was younger but that gave way when I joined a rock band in my late teens.

Daytime now throws me off. There are too many distractions, mainly from people. Their idle chit-chat bores me to tears. I call it brick-wall conversation. It is futile. It ends up going nowhere leaving my mind empty. I never noticed this with songwriting. Writing poetry takes real thought.

I find that writing poetry comes easier to me under the comforting blanket of night-time. Much less noise and my imagination seems to come alive. Sometimes I can’t keep up with myself as I make notes. I make notes during the night and put them into poetic prose during the next few days.

Lonely Writer

Some people have asked me if writing poetry isn’t a lonely gig. This, for me anyway, couldn’t be further from reality. When my mind is firing on all cylinders, I’m a thousand miles away from loneliness. I’m in a world full of productive thought and imagination. The television is switched off and the phone is off the hook. My only distraction is a visitor during which time I struggle to focus on their conversation.

One of main the main attractions that I have found since commencing writing poetry is that it can take your mind wherever you decide. The decision is totally that of the poet. I can be in a ‘flat’ mood and yet find myself writing an upbeat poet.

One of the major aspects that I enjoy about poetry is that the sentiment and message is totally in the hands of the poet. Having said this, a poem can be interpreted in a totally different way by the reader. I once went to a poetry recital many moons ago and the same poem was recited by two different readers. Each rendition was recited with a totally different meaning. I found this stimulating. Thought provoking.

Getting back to the difference between songwriting and poetry….

On Stage 1992

As I said, songwriting is generally formatted. Verse-chorus-verse-chorus, etc.There is less room for interpretation in song lyrics. Less for the reader to ponder and truly absorb. I exclude Bob Dylan from this statement.

I find that when writing my poetry, however, one must be very selective with word placement, flow and so forth. It must roll off the mind. I want my reader to truly capture my imagination as I believe that I have an imagination that is worth sharing.

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