Mist 2

I’m not alone as I notice

Your demeanor as you walk in the door.

The air is warm

Your tone is smooth.

It leaves me flat on the floor.

You’re so decidedly jaded

With disposition so cool.

Armed with the truth, you shoot from the hip

You’re so casual as you discard the fool.

The sycophant and his chronies

Blindly pave their way into hell.

The smoky anvil of justice smiles

At the hammer of truth as it fell.

You despise them for what they’re worth

As you cast an apathetic gaze

At the jokers and clowns that speak with no sound.

You leave them to their ways.

Ever since I met you I have found

It’s your cool truth that leaves me on the ground.

When you  speak I hear no other sound.

It’s your cool truth that keeps my world going around.