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TypewriterTyping errors are the bane of  the self-published author. I am one such author.

It all sounds very well to simply write a book and upload it to a publishing site….but there’s more to it that that.

Firstly the book has to be planned. It the has to be written.

Between the writing of the book and the submission for publication is where the frustrating waiting game starts but it’s a necessary waiting game.

Once I have written a book I let it sit for a few weeks before proof reading it for typing errors. If I proof read it too soon I am still too familiar with any errors, hence the few weeks wait until I’ve forgotten the books details. I then let the book sit for another few weeks and go through the same process again.

I go through this process for several months so that it ‘appears’  I have published two or three books in rapid succession. This is not the case.

I also have the added burden of being on medication for bipolar disorder which can at times cause my hands to shake making typing errors more frequent than most and thus make my proof reading a more lugubrious process than it is for most.

Don’t get me wrong, dear reader, I thoroughly enjoy writing. I wouldn’t do it if I didn’t.

I  compare typing errors with a musician at a live concert hitting a bum note. I remember seeing The Stones in 1995 and Ronnie hit a bum note during ‘Tumbling Dice.’ I didn’t leave the concert thinking of Ronnies’ bum note. I left the concert thinking what a fantastic gig.

I view my books in the same manner as from feedback received I believe they stand up well in their own right. I will leave you with one of my quotes.

“Forgive my errors. Enjoy the story.”